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iPad 3 News

By @EverNoticeThat

With the release of the new iPad 3 setting sales records around the world in the tablet category for Apple, we here at MacToTheFuture are here to bring you the latest news, tips, and accessories that will add value to your new iPad.

The Best iPad 3 Keyboard Case

So you've just gone out and purchased your shiny new iPad 3, and what a beauty she is, However you don't dare expose her to dirt, and grime but you want more than just a case to cover it.  A number of outfits offer a protective case with an attached keyboard which makes typing long documents, or blog posts much easier than using the iPad's built-in virtual keyboard.  One such keyboard case is the: Belkin Black YourType Folio And Keyboard For The New iPad - F5L114TTC00 

This case features very responsive keys, and a soft protective inner lining that will cradle your iPad, yet easily provides the best viewing angle so you can get stuff done. The keyboard itself features music control keys, and supports copy and paste, and the cover has a magnetic tab closure to insure your iPad 3 has protection when you need it.  The Belkin YourType folio comes in black, and ruby and is available for the iPad 2, and  iPad 3.

iPad 3 Tips and Tricks

Keyboard Split - Here's a neat little trick from @EverNoticeThat to make typing on your new iPad easier when not using the keyboard case, it's great: simply place two of your fingers (or even thumbs) directly in the middle of the virtual keyboard and drag until it splits into two halves, allowing you to thumb-type on both sides of your iPad's screen

The iPad 3 User Guide - Apple offers a free download of their user guide for the iPad 3 as a PDF, this is a small 15 MB file and you can get it now: Download The iPad 3 User Guide Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @EverNoticeThat and subscribe to our EverNoticeThat YouTube Channel thanks.  What other tips and tricks do you use with your iPad?

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