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New Apple Store Ridge Hill - Yonkers, NY Grand Opening

 By @EverNoticeThat

Apple is opening a brand-new retail store.  The new Apple Store Ridge Hill in Yonkers, NY is set to open Saturday June 30, 2012, the complete address is:

   Apple Store Ridge Hill
   143 Market Street
   Yonkers, NY 10710
   (914) 620-0965

Opening time is 10:00 AM. Of course you'll want to get there far earlier to reserve a prime place in line.  Have you ever attended an Apple Store grand opening? leave a comment below.

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Image Credit: Apple (Lehigh Valley Store)

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  1. Nasty crowd of people in store. This is not manhattan. Unsophisticsted crowd with lots of big hair and gold jewlery. Yonlers.....

    1. Im just glad they're supporting our favorite company, Apple. :)