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Apple iPad 3 vs iPad 2 - Which iPad Should I Buy?

By @EverNoticeThat

With the release of The new iPad (or iPad 3) buyers have a choice of the current model starting at $499, or the prior model, iPad 2 which has been reduced in price starting at $399 for the 16 GB WiFi version.  At 100 dollars cheaper, does the iPad 2 stand on its own? or are you better off moving up to The new iPad ?.

To start with, you can compare the specs of the two iPad models to see which best meets your needs.  The principal difference between the two iPads are the Retina display, the 5 megapixel iSight camera, and the 4G LTE on The new iPad.  To get a better sense of the performance differences between the two, check out this short video produced by our friend DetroitBORG and don't forget to subscribe:

 Which iPad does MacToTheFuture recommend? if you're on a tight budget, the iPad 2 is still the best $399 tablet out there and is a good value, however we think with the power and speed improvements as well as the awesome new Retina display, gives the nod to The new iPad. Which iPad did YOU buy?

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