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Apple's IPad - Buy it Now, or Wait for the New Version, iPad 2? Rumors, Specs, and News

Apple is nearing the beginning of it's upgrade cycle, and release date, for the sleek new iPad 2, as with the iPhone 4, rumors and news, are swirling thick and fast about when the new Pad will be released, and what the major features will be.

The questions on the minds of most current iPad owners, as well as potential new users are: to buy now, or to wait? So what seems to be the consensus about the Specs on the iPad 2?:

  • Faster processor - Apple's fast A4 Chip seems all but certain to get an upgrade, and some sources are suggesting the possibility of a duel-core chip, on some models.

  • Better Display - The screen on the current iPad is plenty sharp, but there's always room for improvement, and with Apple making bulk purchases of iPad component's we could see even higher screen resolution in next-gen devices.

  • More RAM – This is almost a given, considering how far memory prices have dropped over the last few years. Increasing the amount of memory would make for a far snappier iPad 2, without a bump in price.

  • Advanced GPU – With the advent of Game Center on iPad, with the release of iOS 4.2, now would be a great time to improve the Graphics chip for better gaming performance across the board.

With these possible advances, the new iPad looks to be a compelling product upgrade for current owners of the device. However to answer the “buy now, or wait?” question brings on this answer: if you need and iPad RIGHT-NOW, by all means get it. But if you can wait just a bit more, you may end up getting much more of a Tablet for your money, and the current Pad may even receive a price reduction.

MacToTheFuture Verdict: If you need it, BUY NOW, but if you can, WAIT for the new iPad 2

What do you think? do you plan on buying the iPad 2? leave a response in the comments.

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