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Philadelphia Apple Store Makes Christmas Shopping Easy

By @EverNoticeThat

Recently, I was in Philadelphia to attend an event, and found myself with some free time available, I decided to visit center city. Since it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a stroll through the business district was on order.

What surprised me was that people were everywhere, with tons of tourists about – and after snaking my way through Chinatown the realization hit me, “There's an Applestore nearby, why not stop in?.” Crossing Market St., I wondered why they didn't place the Philadelphia Applestore there, but as soon as I hit Walnut St. I knew why.

While there were a decent amount of shoppers on Market, I noticed massive foot traffic as soon as I hit Walnut, and I knew the smart people at Apple had chosen just the right location in downtown Philadelphia for an Apple Retail Store.

The Apple Store = Shopping Nirvana

Inside, the store was packed, and every square foot covered with customers fondling the hottest Apple gear. Since the iPhone 5 section was full, I settled in at a sleek Macbook Pro - and unlike Bestbuy, none of the clerks bothered me as I checked in on MacToTheFuture using their very fast wireless internet. (The Applestore employees were very helpful to anyone who needed it, but didn't hound people who were just looking, thank you Apple.)

Aside from the friendly staff, what I love about the Applestore experience is that everything is turned on, and hooked up. Unlike Wal-mart, Bestbuy, and Staples which keep their devices locked-down or under glass and turned off, Apple makes all of their iPads, iPhones, iMacs, and Macbooks fully available with complete, fast internet access so you can just check your email, or try, before you buy.

iPhone 5 - Big Movies in a Small Package

Eventually, I was able to squeeze in at the iPhone 5 section – and wow, what a beautiful machine. Holding the iPhone 5 in my hands, I can confirm that it is noticeably lighter than it's predecessor, the iPhone 4S. The improvements don't stop there however, the extra icon row is a welcome addition, and the screen looks even better than the old iPhone.

Playing a clip from “Cars 2,” I wondered if watching a movie would be an enjoyable experience on the small screen - well im happy to report that the clip ran flawlessly, and “Mater” seemed to jump right out of the stunning iPhone 5 screen.

The new iPhone produced some brilliant images – I can see this replacing point-and-shoot cameras, and the test video I shot would be great for any blogger to upload to his blog, website, or YouTube. If you don't have an expensive SLR, the iPhone 5 will work just fine as a personal HD video recorder.

Thank You Philly Apple Store Staff!

At some point, the clock on the wall told us it was time to go - the place was still packed as evening approached. The Apple store in Philadelphia is a safe place to shop with security evident, and the knowledgeable staff were still helping customers as I crossed the threshold and continued with what turned out to be a very nice day.

I want to thank the employees of the Applestore on Walnut St. in Philadelphia for their excellent customer service, Steve Jobs would be proud.

If you're ever in Philly, stop in and check out the Apple Retail Store to see the latest products from the worlds best-run tech company, I can guarantee you a great experience. Oh, and by-the-way, what color iPhone 5 will you buy? Im thinking maybe i'll take mine in White this time.

1607 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 861-6400

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Image Credits: @EverNoticeThat

Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. @EverNoticeThat MacToTheFuture

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