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Echofon 6.0.2 - Twitter App for iPhone 5

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By @EverNoticeThat

Naan Studio Inc -- makers of the popular Twitter app Echofon, has pushed out an update to version 6.0.2 for owners of the iPhone 5.  Echofon is now optimized for the new iPhone, and has squashd a number of bugs for iOS 6 in the process. 

Echofon is great for those of you with more than one Twitter account, (And we know you're all following @EverNoticeThat right? If not, follow me now) Echofon makes managing your social media accounts easy no matter which Twitter persona you choose. 

Instant alerts for all new DM's, mentions, Retweets and more, make staying on top of your Twitter timeline a snap.  Everyone wants to get more followers on Twitter, and with Echofon for iPhone, you'll have Twitter in the palm of your hands.

Download Echofon 6.0.2 for iPhone

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