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Flickr for iPhone


Beautiful Flickr app now optimized for iPhone

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Yahoo [YHOO] has been on the move lately, and is taking good care of their Flickr for iPhone App. With a suite of editing tools at your disposal - and a full terabyte of free storage - you'll never run out space to showcase your best work. Uploads are now saved in full resolution, and you can share them on Twitter or Facebook. (don't forget to follow me on Twitter!) Flickr for iPhone is social too! you can follow the best in photography, and be inspired by their work.
Flickr for iPhone - image credit: Yahoo

Did i say this app is free?

Optimized for iPhone 5, Flickr requires iOS 6.0 or later. Version 2.32.1556 is a 27.2 MB file. Download Flickr for iPhone.

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Should Apple innovate faster?


Tech industry wants quicker introduction of new gadgets

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Since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, we've heard a rising chorus of naysayers in the tech industry complaining that Apple has lost its mojo, and needs to innovate faster. Our advice to Apple CEO Tim Cook is: IGNORE THEM.

Apple Store 5th Ave, New York - image credit: Apple

Everyone copies Apple.

So it seems that what they really want to do is follow in the wake of new product launches from Cupertino. It's kind of hard to copy a product that doesn't exist yet, but my how they've tried - remember the failed Samsung Galaxy Gear?, i didn't think so. The tech industry has no shame.

They want Apple to innovate faster, so they can copy faster.

but Tim Cook isn't having any of it. New products will be released when they're done. And whatever it is, i want two of them - in both colors.

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I Didn't Know i Could Do That On An iPhone!

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video credit: Apple

The iPhone is an amazing device, and to honor 30 years of the Mac, Apple posted a video shot over 24 hours using only iPhone. This beautiful video shows the power of the device, and makes you wonder: : "If they can do that using just an iPhone, what can i do?"

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When was Steve Jobs Born?

image credit: Flickr

By @EverNoticeThat

Steve Jobs, the iconic iCEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Was born on Thursday Feburary 24, 1955. James Dean was still alive, and Elvis Presley was not yet the "king" of Rock and Roll. Oh, and he went on to do quite well for himself.

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Download QuarkXPress 10 Software Free Trial for Mac or Windows

image credit: Quark

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Download a free 30-day trial of the full version of QuarkXPress 10 software for Mac, or Windows.

If you're working in digital or print design and publishing, QuarkXPress 10 is the solution for the creative professional. Here's what you can do with the new QuarkXPress:

  • Create amazing content for Apple iPad, iPhone as well as Google Android tablets and phones
  • Want to publish an ebook? QuarkXPress 10 makes it easy, and works with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Excel
  • With it's support for precision typography, and the ability to spellcheck in over 38 languages, QuarkXPress 10 is the best tool for digital and print media creation and design

Download QuarkXPress 10 Test Drive for Mac or Windows.

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Download the Southwest Airlines App for iPhone, and iPad

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image credit: Southwest

Fly Smarter with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has just updated their app for iPhone, and iPad. Version 2.0.1 allows you to check in, check your flight status, and receive SMS notifications on your iPhone.

Want to see your current Rapid Rewards point balance? Southwest has you covered. The latest weather alerts are in the palm of your hand with the Southwest Airlines app.

The best part about this travel app is... it's FREE! you'll need iOS 4.3 or later to snag this 22.1 MB file.

Your "Electronic Boarding Pass" is ready, finding low fares will never be the same. Download the Southwest Airlines app now.

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Is the NSA spying on your Mac?

By @EverNoticeThat
Image Credit: Flickr

Thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden, citizen's worldwide are aware of the spying allegations against the NSA, or National Security Agency. Now, as a Mac user you may be wondering how this affects you, as you use your iDevice.

To address those concerns, Apple is offering it's Report on Government Information requests as a free downloadable PDF file. You can get it Here.

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