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Should Apple innovate faster?

Tech industry wants quicker introduction of new gadgets

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Since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, we've heard a rising chorus of naysayers in the tech industry complaining that Apple has lost its mojo, and needs to innovate faster. Our advice to Apple CEO Tim Cook is: IGNORE THEM.

Apple Store 5th Ave, New York - image credit: Apple

Everyone copies Apple.

So it seems that what they really want to do is follow in the wake of new product launches from Cupertino. It's kind of hard to copy a product that doesn't exist yet, but my how they've tried - remember the failed Samsung Galaxy Gear?, i didn't think so. The tech industry has no shame.

They want Apple to innovate faster, so they can copy faster.

but Tim Cook isn't having any of it. New products will be released when they're done. And whatever it is, i want two of them - in both colors.

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