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itunes: how to copy music between authorized computers

want to safeguard those hundreds (or even thousands) of songs you've purchased from the itunes music store? well you can, by simply transferring a copy to another (authorized) computer, or burning a copy to media. from the knowlegebase:

"You can download a song once when you purchase it from the iTunes Music Store. If you want to listen to it on another computer, you can copy it from the computer you used to purchase the song, but you can't download it again. You are allowed to play each song on up to five authorized computers."

-copy to a cd or dvd
-save songs to your .mac idisk account
-send files to an external hard drive
-Turn on file sharing to copy files over a network
-transfer to iomega zip or jaz drive

please be sure to backup those songs you've purchased from itunes so that you never loose them. you can get an external hard drive now for just over 100 bucks. it makes sense to protect your songs from data loss. do it now.


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