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Pangea Payroll Free Payroll Tax Software Download

Pangea Software is offering a free Pangea Payroll application. it also includes the full xcode source code. they started this to use in-house for their employee bookkeeping, but now offer it to the rest of us.

"Do you run a small business that needs to calculate payroll taxes for your employees? Are you tried of paying ridiculous amounts of money to buy tax table subscriptions every year? Well, then download the free "Pangea Payroll" application! This is a very simple application which lets you track payroll data for your employees. It calculates the federal taxes to deduct from the wages and keeps track of each payment you enter. Pangea Payroll is nothing fancy, but it does the job for those of us who have very simple employee bookkeeping to do. This application started as an in-house tool, but we wanted to share it with the world, so here ya go!"

The freeware download is available along with documentation at the Pangea Payroll download page.


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