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How To: Accept Credit Cards with the Square Card Reader Credit Card Machines

 By @EverNoticeThat

Whats small, and white, and can accept credit cards? The Square Card Reader! This tiny device hooks into the audio jack on your iPhone, or iPod Touch, and acts as a magnetic reader that you can swipe credit cards with., and was created by the founder of Twitter; Jack Dorsey.

The traditional way to process credit cards involved signing up for a merchants account with a bank, or service provider, purchasing expensive equipment, and paying hefty fees. This dongle is smaller than the old-fashioned Credit Card Machines. Whats different about the Square Card Reader is:

  • The reader is FREE if you signup online, or just $10.00
    at an Apple Retail Store, or the Apple online store ($10.00 credit voucher included)
  • Only 2.75 percent processing fee.

  • Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google Android phones.

  • Free app.

What we like about it is it's tiny size, and the simplicity of use; Just swipe the credit card, customer signs with their finger, receive receipt via email, or SMS – it doesn’t get any simpler than this. The possibilities are endless; this is great if you're in a band and want to sell CD's, and other merchandise at gigs. Running a roadside stand? Now you can accept credit cards too. Could also be used at Flea-Markets, yard sales, pizza deliverymen, small business's will love this.
Download from the App Store
Download from the Android Market

What do you think about The Square Care Reader? Do you think its the perfect product for a small business? Leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Square, Inc.

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