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Apple iPhone Tracking - Anything to Worry About?

from hbakkh
Everyone's heard about the recent Apple iPhone Tracking story by now, but is there anything to worry about? Or is it all much ado about nothing? I'll vote for the latter. Every major Smartphone maker needs to know your general area in order to offer location-based services. Ever use Google Maps? They need data on where you are in order for you to get your bearings, and GPS devices need that information as well.

Many other services (im looking at you Foursquare) also use your location for their services, so this is really no different than what every other Smartphone (Android included) does. If you want location-based services; they require your  location.

If im going to trust any company with my data; i'll trust Apple. If there's any issue, it will be sorted out. However I know there are too many awesome Smartphone Apps in the App Store that I plan on downloading to add even more functionality to my iPhone to be concerned about this; There is nothing to see here folks, moving right along... Now where is my white iPhone?
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