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5 Reasons you should switch from a PC to a Mac

By @EverNoticeThat

Everybody's moving to Apple products, from the hot new iPhone 5, to the amazing iPad and Apple TV.  Mac To The Future is here to show you how life can be better by moving to the Mac.

1 - Your Mac runs Windows, and Windows apps.

One of the biggest misconceptions Windows users may have, is that you think you won't be able to use your favorite software when switching to the Mac: but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Believe it or not, you can install Windows on your new Mac and run applications without having to leave anything behind.  Boot into the Windows OS, or the Mac OS and you'll find that having the best of both worlds makes switching to the Mac a great option.

2 - Work with your favorite PC files on your Mac

Are you the creative type? no matter which professional software applications you've used on the PC, the Mac allows you to continue to work with the most popular filetypes such as: .mp3, .doc, .pdf, .mpg, .ppt, .jpg and more.

Transfer your music from your PC and listen to it on your Mac.  Videos and documents just work, and Apple provides regular updates to their popular iTunes software for music, video, and app downloads.

3 - Will my Mac run Microsoft Office? - You bet!

With Microsoft Office for the Mac, PC users can feel comfortable knowing that switching to the Mac allows you to continue using Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to create amazing documents and presentations, as well as opening files sent from a PC, working on them on your Mac, and sending the completed document or file back seamlessly.

4 - Try a Mac before you buy

Ever notice that while on a trip to your local big-box retailer to check out a new computer, the systems are under glass, or otherwise locked-down preventing you from using them? not so at yout local Apple Retail Store.  Visit any Apple Store and you'll find all of the Macs open, available, and turned on -- while connected to blazing-fast broadband internet.

Feel free to check your Email, play a few iPad games, listen to music, or watch funny YouTube videos to your hearts content.  The best way to experience a Mac is: just try one.

5 - More information is just a click away

Apple offers a number of online resources to help you decide which Mac is right for you.  Starting with a handy chart comparing the different Mac models available, as well as informative video tutorials to help you learn more about the Mac.  Need to speak directly to an Apple Specialist? contact Apple at:

We hope this guide makes it easier to choose to switch to the Mac, if you've been helped by reading this, please feel free to share this article on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and let us know which Mac is the one for you.

Image Credit: Apple

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