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Osmos for iPad Review

Osmos for iPad is a beautiful game that really shows off the gorgeous graphics capability of the iPad.   Created by Hemisphere Games, the object of Osmos is to navigate your sphere around the sun, and merge with smaller motes which will make you grow larger.

However danger is all around you in the form of red sphere's (which cannot be absorbed) Run into the sun? you die, collide with the red outer barrier? same deal.  You tap to change direction, but each time you do so, your sphere gets smaller.

Osmos for iPad is a stunning game, with soothing music, trippy graphics - and you can even warp time, with just a flick.  Two game modes are available - Odyssey: which contains 27 levels, and Arcade: which allows you to play any level - with you choosing the difficulty.  Osmos for iPad is $4.99, The current version is 1.6.4 and is an 18.7 MB file.

Download Osmos for iPad

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