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Should I Buy The New iPad? The iPad 3 Review

By @EverNoticeThat

The Tablet Wars are Over, The New iPad Won

It's launch day for “The New iPad” from Apple, and crowds are clustered around the shiny new device. As I cradle it in my hands, I can't help but notice the new, absolutely stunning high-resolution screen, you can stick a fork in those Android tablets, they are DONE! this thing is killer. Icons pop like never before, and pixels are nowhere to be seen on the beautiful display in front of me.

This is the best Tablet I've ever laid my hands on.

The new camera on the iPad is also noticeably sharper, as proven in discussions with shoppers comparing pictures taken with the iPad 2. On The New iPad even the fine grain of wood is viewable, this is one sharp camera. Mobile pics uploaded to Flickr will never be the same. With the ability to shoot in 1080p, this will make it very easy for YouTube Partners to create and upload HD videos.

To LTE, or Not to LTE?

The New iPad (Apple is calling it the 3rd generation iPad, we call it The iPad 3) is a touch heavier, but is still very comfortable to hold even for long periods of time. Apple has added the new, faster 4G LTE as an option (130 bucks extra) question is: is it worth it?, absolutely. This is a no-brainer, and will be handy to have when out of WiFi range; not to mention the added GPS radio -- don't even think twice, just get The New iPad.

The only other decision you need to make regarding LTE is: do you choose AT&T, or Verizon? Much faster download speeds are being reported using AT&T, however Verizon offers their new Personal Hotspot feature (not yet available on AT&T) and better reported upload bandwidth.--Your mileage may vary.

Verizon also currently offers LTE in more markets than AT&T, however, with the speed increases on The New iPad this makes that choice much harder. Checking coverage maps, and trying an iPad out at your nearest Apple Store will help in choosing the right network for you.

The New iPad Review, and Verdict

If you're asking yourself: should I buy The New iPad?, we here at MacToTheFuture vote with a resounding YES! even @EverNoticeThat on Twitter is picking one up -- follow us, but should you get the black iPad, or the white one? (the black iPad is better for viewing movies, and online video, while the white iPad is great for webpages and reading documents) it all depends on your personal taste, and what you use your tablet for the most.

This is a worthy upgrade to the iPad 1, or iPad 2 and you can easily sell your old iPad “Gazelle it” and purchase the new 2012 iPad at a discount. The Android tablets are still trying to play catch up with the first iPad, and now Apple has blown them away again. This product earns 5 stars.

Kudos to the talented designers at Apple -- a big thanks to Jony Ive and his team for hitting yet another home run with The New iPad! I'm hungry now, I think I'll go have a Jelly Roll with my Ice Cream Sandwich and dream of Androids that might-have-been; is there an App for that?

Tablets are the future, and I can see a time when they will outsell Desktops, and Laptops. The New iPad is the first successful post-computer device, and Apple will sell millions of them. Do you love your iPad? leave a comment below.

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