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Sell Your Used iPad 1 Online, and Buy the iPad 2

With the announcement of the new iPad 2, owners of the original iPad may wonder what to do with their device. Those who plan on upgrading and are not willing to give their 1st generation tablet away, now have the option of selling in the old one online for some cold, hard cash.

The quickest, and easiest way to turn that “pad” to cash is using website Gazelle simply enter your gadget (in this case “iPad,”) select which model you have, and then list the condition. Gazelle will then help you ship it, and you will be paid. That cash can be used for the purchase of the iPad 2, User's are receiving hundreds of dollars in cash for their old iPads. If you sold your gadget at the site let us know how much you got for it, and how things went, leave a comment below.

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