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I Want my Apple TV to Become: a Gaming Console!

The $99 Apple TV is a subversive little device, it sits there playing your music, slideshows, and movies while quietly plotting world domination as a GAME CONSOLE? Yes, I said it. Just think about it. Apple TV is reportedly still flying off the shelves, and despite being labeled “just a hobby” by none other than Steve Jobs himself, it seems to be taken quite seriously by throngs of adoring fans.

 So what does it need to get there? It's already won a  coveted spot in the living room: beef up the processor a  little bit (maybe use the new dual – core A5 chip, just  used in the iPad 2) beef up the GPU, add a little more  flash storage for saved games (or make use of that  brand  spanking new data center Steve just built in  North  Carolina) and add an Apple designed controller  - create  a sleek, fast new one, or use your iTouch, or  iPhone  instead. 

 What do you think? Do you believe its possible for  our  favorite fruit company to morph the studious Apple  TV  into a next-gen game console? To take on the big  boys  like the PS3, Nintendo Wii, or Xbox 360? leave a comment below.

Oh, and Steve, if you're reading this: ill take mine in white - It'll match the new iPad.

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