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iPad 2 Accessories Available Now

iPad 2 is now available, and you either have one in your hot little hands, or have placed an order online. Now is the time to think about what accessories you want to go with it. Luckily vendors have now released a full line of iPad 2 Accessories such as cases, car chargers, screen protectors, and bluetooth devices for your brand spanking new tablet.

If you've braved the lines, and couldn't get an iPad, (the Apple Store is quoting a 2-3 week wait) a good strategy may be order your extra's now while waiting for your iPad to ship, so that when your new tablet finally does arrive, all of your iPad 2 Accessories will be ready for it.

Update: the Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPad 2 is now available, This allows for HDMI connectivity with your new iPad 2.

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