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Twitterrific for iOS v 5.01 for iPhone, iPad and the Mac

By @EverNoticeThat

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Twitterrific from The Iconfactory, has updated their Twitter client software to version 5.01, with all new features for the twitterholic in you.  This new Twitter update has been designed to make tweeting easier, and includes:
  • Two-finger swipe to switch between themes
  • Swipe gestures now include sound effects
  • In-app notication for new tweets
  • Photos can now be sent without any text in the tweet
Other software improvements are also included as well as bug fixes etc.  This app is currently $2.99 and works with the iPhone 3GS and above (But is optimized for the iPhone 5) as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch, and the iPad.  If  you're looking for more Twitter followers and want a great way to tweet better, you can't go wrong with Twitterrific for iOS.

Download: Twitterrific for iOS

Download: Twitterrific for Mac

Image Credit: The Iconfactory

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