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New 4G LTE iPhone 5 with iOS 6 from Apple

By @EverNoticeThat

Apple today introduced the new iPhone 5, along with updated iOS 6 operating system software.  The display has been enlarged to a 4 inch screen, and of course it's the amazing Retina Display so everything on your new iPhone will look even better. 

While the new iPhone 5 display is bigger, the device itself has been made taller, instead of wider - meaning it will still be easy to select icons onscreen, and start apps and games with just one hand.

iPhone 5 now supports LTE for blazing fast downloads of up to 100 Mbps, as well as an improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity with dual-band wireless N for up to 150 Mbps so that everything; including YouTube videos, Hulu, Farmville on Facebook and of course, This tech website will help you "get your download on" even quicker.

It's thin and light, and such a sight

Just when you thought they couldn't shave any more weight off the new iPhone, Apple announces the new iPhone 5 is 20 % lighter, making it far easier to hold in your hand for those marathon phone conversations with your favorite Aunt, and 18 % thinner at a svelte 7.6 millimeters.  With the iPhone 5 - at just 112 grams - thin really is in.

No mobile phone is as beautiful as the iPhone, and the new iPhone 5 blows away all the others with a stunning new design that would make Steve Jobs proud.  Apple has done it again.

The new A6 chip

Apple didn't stop at just the display, and faster downloads - they also added a new quad-core processer: the A6, making the entire phone up to double the speed of the iPhone 4S (which was no slouch by the way) with  improved graphics to make for snappier games and apps, while also providing long battery life for the iPhone 5:

  • 8 hours browsing the web on LTE - you can now browse MacToTheFuture all day long
  • 8 hours of  talk time chatting with your friends about Kim Kardashian
  • 10 hours video playback time - you can now watch even more funny cat videos on YouTube

Bigger iPhone, at a great price

So how much will this new puppy set you back? well, it depends on the size.  Starting at $199 for the 16 GB iPhone 5, $299 for the 32 GB, and $399 for the massive 64 GB allowing you to store more movies, apps, games and even Call of Duty gameplay videos from YouTube.

Will you order the iPhone 5?

Image Credit: Apple

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