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Shop and Receive Cash Back at the Apple Store - Online Rebates, Promo Codes, and Coupons at over 1,200 Stores

Shopping for a new Mac, iPod, or Ipad? Or perhaps you're interested in the new Verizon iPhone? Why shop the old-fashioned way when you can get cash back with every purchase?

If you're planning on buying any new gear from the Apple Store, Apple Small Business, or Apple Canada you're in luck, we've found a new site that offers FREE membership and Cash back at over 1,200 stores.

Signup is simple and free: the site is Here and after joining simply click the “Select a Store” button, and scroll down until you find the Apple Store link (or any of the over 1,200 stores listed) click, and begin shopping! Its that easy.

In these tough economic times it pays to save, and every little bit helps. Oh and you're not limited to just the Apple Store, many brand name stores are listed such as: Nordstrom, Target, Wal-Mart, Macy's, Cabela's, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Dell, HP and more. And did we say it was FREE? Click HERE to join

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