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why the mac mini matters

ok macheads, get ready for a whole slew of new windows switchers joining the club as they open their brand-spanking-new mac mini's. this is going to be steve jobs said, they can no longer use price as a reason not to buy a mac. lets look at some of the benefits of owning a mac.

-no windows virus's
-superior os, based on unix
-no windows spyware
-mac os x is more secure right out of the box
-share files with a windows network
-runs many popular X11 based applications
-get more work done using less steps
-os x has the best user interface

in my own informal survey, i've found that a number of windows users feel that the price is now right for them to try out a mac. the $499 pricepoint seems to cross a line that makes it much easier for them to justify a purchase. and the mini is a portable computer that you can take with you to work, plug in, and just get stuff done.

and checking the apple online store, it shows a 3 to 4 week wait on new mac mini orders, which tells me sales must be off the charts. this will grow apple's marketshare. did you get yours yet?

think of it as a laptop without the laptop price...

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