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the new, tiny, $499 mac mini

the new mac mini

last week at macworld, apple released the new mac mini. an affordable, mini-computer for anyone thinking of switching to the mac, but wanted to spend alot less than the top of the line powermac.

this thing is $499 for the 1.25 mhz model, with a 40 gig hard drive, and combo cd burner/dvd drive. or you can upgrade to the $599 with 1.42 mhz, 80 gig hard drive model. either mac can be customized at the apple store buy the mac mini here with additional options. you provide your own keyboard, mouse, and display. (yes you can use your pc equipment) and if you purchase a kvm switch you can pop this puppy right on top of your current pc tower and switch back and forth between the mac and pc using just one keyboard and display.

i like the new mac mini and am thinking of getting one (or 2) for myself. now price can no longer be used as an excuse not to get a mac.

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