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Download iTunes 11 Update Free for Mac or Windows

By @EverNoticeThat

iTunes 11 Adds New Features in Software Update

Looking to download the latest version of of Apple's jukebox software? enjoying your music just got better, with iTunes 11 now  available for Mac or Windows.  Apple has given the new iTunes software a complete makeover, from the ground up. With improved views for music, movies and more so you can find just the right content to match your mood

With the new expanded view, simply click on one of your CD covers - which then shows the complete song selection - play a song, and then browse, all without having to re-select, or find your iTunes library.  The iTunes MiniPlayer has been made even "minier" with a new preview function that allows you to peek at upcoming songs, or replace them with even more awesome songs from your iTunes music library.

Music selection made easier

Like Pandora? well you'll love iTunes In the store picks.  Simply choose the type of music you love, and iTunes will find some great music for you (This is much better than having to hunt around for music in Spotify) Apple has also added "Up Next" so you can queue songs up just as you do with movies in Netflix.

Ever notice that you've sampled a great song, or movie trailer in iTunes and forgot it? well using iCloud, iTunes now offers a Preview history button, iTunes "remembers" what you watched, or listened to.  Say you preview a great song at work on your iPod Touch and then left your iPod at the office, no problem, just select the Preview history button in iTunes on your iMac when you get home, and the song is right at your fingertips to preview again or purchase - download music right from the comfort of  your home.

Portable content via iCloud

iCloud now allows you to enjoy music, movies, and TV shows across all of your hardware, using a Mac, or even a PC.  No internet connection where you're going? no problem, click Download and take your stuff with you.  iCloud also allows you to start your content on one device, pause it - then finish watching it on another device.  With iCloud you never have to remember where you stopped watching a movie, it does that for you. With iCloud's help, The elevator scene in 50 Shades Of Grey will never be the same.

With the new iTunes 11, Apple has provided a compelling reason this iTunes update should be your next download.  The latest version of  iTunes is simply the best way to enjoy your movies, music, and TV shows from the iTunes Store. Download iTunes 11

Image Credit: Apple

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