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There's a Demon in my iPhone! - Demon Cam for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Apple's iPhone. So slim, so sleek, so sweetly demonic? When your inner demon calls you; unleash the devilish beast within you with Demon Cam - fiendishly scary software from Video Copilot for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  Conjure your favorite entity and implant him (or her) onto your own body!

Demon Cam works by rendering the devil in HD video right on your iPhone or other iDevice. Face tracking is automated so that your very own "personal demon" morphs right along with your face.  Beautiful graphics, and high-quality sound, allow you to create a stunning video to share on Facebook, or to send a haunted email to your friends. 

Demon Cam is only $.99 cents (for a limited time) and a small 20mb download, (you never knew demonic possesion could be so cheap did you?)  Have a question? don't forget to ask the Answer Ball!

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