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Infinity Blade: Arena Update - Free Download for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Medieval sword fighter Infinity Blade today posted a new update titled: Infinity Blade: Arena.  This free download is available for iPad, (iPad 1 and 2) iPhone, and iPod Touch, this stunning, action-RPG which was already the best way to show off your IOS device; now includes even more content to keep you hacking, and slashing away.

Brand New Multiplayer and Survival Modes

Rain death, and destruction on your enemies and challange your "friends" with the new multiplayer mode in Game Center.  Or clash with the Titans in Survivor mode.  Brand new - Holiday Helms for every season, and over two dozen new magic rings, swords, shields and helmets; with New Achievements, and more with Infinity Blade: Arena Update

You know you want to play this on your iPad 2.

This impressive new update only adds to Infinity Blade's reputation as "game of the year" and a 5 star rating in the App Store.  See what all the fuss is about: Download Infinity Blade Arena

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