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a mac mini in your car?

this didn't take long at all. apple's new, tiny, $499.00 computer, the mac mini, has now been installed in a car. sloatsburg, ny. based classic restorations used an original 69 nova ss. in the pic below you can see the mini behind the lcd screen:

this installation includes:
-7 inch touchscreen lcd
-4 port usb hub (in the ashtray)
-custom steel shockmount glovebox (to house the mini)
-articulating arm (screen support)
-audio output

from the site:
" To control the computer, this client has chosen both a 7-inch touchscreen, and an assignable aluminum USB knob on the center console for easy volume control and power functions. Audio output is handled by Infinity amps and Alpine speakers, with the Mac itself performing the functions of a conventional head unit."

these guys have done some awesome work on this and we cant wait to see the final results soon. i can even see users buying a mini for the home, and one for the car. they also include a short mac mini car video.

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