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helping pc users switch to the mac

they need to see it...

ill tell you what i mean. i was introduced to macs by my friend dave, and was struck by how passionate he was about the mac platform. i mean at that time to me it was just a computer right? but then i remembered how i felt when i bought my first computer an amiga 500 back in the 80's and how wonderful the expierence was. and this is what dave was trying to tell me about the mac.

it really helped when i was able to go to citcuit city and play around with the g4 cube they had there. it was so much easier doing ANYTHING on the mac compared to a pc. for instance it took only a few clicks to get something done where windows involved many steps. to uninstall a program you just dragged the icon to the trash! simple! no nonsense about windows not being able to uninstall everything which saved time.

ill never forget the circuit city employee who told the woman that i was showing the imac off to that "macs only ran dos" and "you couldn't run any windows programs on the mac" so i countered does os x look like dos? and walked over and picked up a copy of virtual pc for the mac to show her what it could do. she bought the imac on the spot...

and dont even get me started on the windows virus count. i mean, i check norton and its up to what over 70,000 virus defs for windows right now? thats just crazy! who needs it? what really surprised me was when i called my bank and their computers were down due to a virus and i told the surprised lady on the phone that they should consider switching to macs as they wouldn't have to worry about those windows virus attacks. she didn't know that macs were immune to alot of that.

and thats what needs to get out. windows users need to be told about the mac experience, and more importantly, SHOWN what its like to use a mac. so those of you with macs, take your ibook or powerbook to work/school etc. and show them what its like. there's nothing like seeing a mac in action for the first time.

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