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Download Messages Beta for iOS 5

 By @EverNoticeThat
Image credit: Courtesy of Apple
Apple will soon release It's next big cat: OS X Mountain Lion, however you can try out one of It's great new features right now - Messages Beta for iOS 5.  Messages Beta is iMessage for your Mac, and it replaces iChat, what can you do with the free Messages Beta?

  • Transfer photos, attachments and make FaceTime video calls.
  • Begin an iMessage chat on one iDevice and continue it on another, with unlimited iMessages.
  • Chat globally with other clients such as AIM, Yahoo messenger, Jabber, and Google Talk.
  •  Don't forget your Apple Aluminum Wireless Keyboard

Messages Beta requires OS X Lion 10.7.3 and is a 43.6 MB file, and did we mention its FREE? try it now:  Download Messages Beta

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