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transfer files from your pc to your mac

bought a new mac and wonder how you're going to get your files from your pc to your mac? well here's aome great software called move2mac. from the site:

"Move2Mac transfers files from your PC to your new Macintosh and puts everything just where you need it. Tracks from “My Music” on your PC go to the Music folder on your Mac; clips in “My Videos” move to the Movies folder; images in “My Pictures” show up in your Pictures folder; items in “My Documents” relocate to the Documents folder on your Mac. Move2Mac places data from other locations in a folder you can browse at your leisure. Move2Mac will transfer your Internet Explorer home page and bookmark files, as well as desktop backgrounds and even your dial-up Internet connection settings."

move2mac automates the process that used to be tedious and messy, and is great for anyone who wnats to give a mac a try without worrying about transferring the files themselves. check it out at the move2mac website

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