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Create eBooks, Textbooks, Novels and More with iBooks Author 1.1 - Review and Free Download

By @EverNoticeThat
Image Credit: Apple
If you're a writer, you need iBooks Author.  Version 1.1 is now available as a free download from the Mac App Store.  iBooks Author allows you to create beautiful textbooks, novels and eBooks with free templates included to get you started quickly, and the ability to create your own.

Want to add an image? simply drag and drop, your text flows smoothly around each picture - Pages and Microsoft Word documents work the same easy way.  iBooks Author Widgets and tables can be added with just a click, 3D objects and animations will make your book come to life for your readers.

Ready to publish your brand new book? learn how to submit your book to the iBookstore, or export it to iTunes U, to be gobbled up by hungry students. Checkout the iBooks Author FAQ for information on distributing and selling your books.  This free app from Apple, requires Mac OS X 10.7.2 or later, and is a 184 MB file.  Ready?
Download iBooks Author

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